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Global Work
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We help companies and employees succeed!

We help companies to find a suitable solution to their unique personnel needs.The economic cycle and its´ effects on the company are always taken into account.

On our website companies can easily find our contacts, information about us and our services, leave a contact requests or an invitations to tender.

We offer employees various ways to get employed and always take into account employee’s current life situation.

More information can be found on our website:

● our contact information

● topical information on job search

● open positions

● advice on how to register working hours and how to use mobile services

We offer permanent, parttime, fixedterm and temporary employment.

Global work is a responsible and trustworthy recruiting corporation authorized by the Union of Finnish Personnel Service Corporations in 2010.

Diverse experience of recruiting business since 2005.

Diverse experience of recruiting business!

Global Work is a responsible and trustworthy authorized recruiting company. Our services include Extended DISC: coaching of manager, team and interaction skills.


Glow coaching for the staff and managers and Glow career services i.e. the relocation of staff, renting of staff and national and international recruiting. Global work offers solutions for organizations in challenging field of recruiting.